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Covid-19 Documents

Tenants Letter For Rent Waiver
Landlord Acceptance Of Rent Reduction
Tenant Letter For Rent Reduction
Loan Restructure Letter To Financiers
Internal Memo for Reduction of Salary due to Covid-19
Internal Memo for Suspension of Salaries due to Covid-19


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You can do-it yourself and complete various agreements/contracts; affidavits; leases and other real estate instruments; financial and other compliance documents among others.


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Are you an Employee or an Independent Contractor

You have a gardener who tends to your garden from Monday to Saturday. You pay them a monthly salary. However, your gardener is only in your house from 6 a.m. to 9.00 a.m., and then he leaves for work elsewhere. Is he your Employee, or is he an independent...

Intermeddling with an estate could land you in Jail

A Definitive Guide to Grants you need to Administer the Estate   A loss in the family is a distressful and disorienting experience. It changes and destabilizes you and other people affected and it is only fair that you are given time to adjust to the new reality....

Parental Responsibility for Children

You meet this tall, dark and handsome man through mutual friends. He proposes, you get married in a flashy wedding and a year later, the relationship goes sour. Two weeks after breaking up, you find out you are pregnant, with twins. Nine months later, a baby boy and...

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