Who we are

Lawyerwangu is an online do-it-yourself platform providing simple, quick and affordable legal solutions. May you be an individual or a business enterprise you will find many suitable legal forms and informative articles to help you navigate the complex legal world with ease and understanding.

You can do-it yourself and complete various agreements/contracts; affidavits; leases and other real estate instruments; financial and other compliance documents among others.

How to use Lawyerwangu

  1. Register or login
  2. Search for a document or choose a category
  3. Select the required document and fill in the step by step prompts;
  4. Proceed to Pay
  5. Download the complete document from your lawyerwangu account and or your email.
  6. Print and sign your document.

“Did you not find what you were looking for?… send us a request and we will make it available” 

Why Lawyer Wangu


Legal Forms Crafted by experienced Advocates


Updated regularly


Applicable all over Kenya

Vision Statement

To make legal solutions available, accessible and affordable.

Mission Statement

To provide an online platform for legal solutions.

Our Core Values

Accessibility – We endeavor to make legal solutions easily available throughout the country.

Collaboration – We partner with experts and experienced professionals to provide up to date, compliant, reliable and quality legal solutions.

Efficiency – The ease and speed of transactions is our key focus to bring value to our customers.

Innovation – We accelerate the provision of legal solutions by embracing technology.

Simplicity – Simplicity is our definition of elegance.

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