Notice by Landlord not to renew tenancy

Notice by Landlord not to renew tenancy

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This notice can be used by a Landlord or a representative to the Landlord to terminate a lease or tenancy and regain possession of the property after the term is over. The notice is required in accordance to the Tenancy agreement under the law of contract and reference is made to the existing agreement between the Landlord and Tenant.The Notice of Landlord not to renew Lease or Tenancy must specify the Landlords intentions of taking back possession to the property and must clearly articulate the responsibilities that is followed by the notice.

The Landlord or representatives must serve the notice to the tenant within the notice period and be delivered in person, by postal mailing or e-mail. You can ensure the notice was received by recording hand delivery or requesting a response from the tenant once they have received the letter.     

Information you will require to fill this agreement;

Landlord’s, Landlord’s Agents and Representative names and contact details
Tenant Information: Name and Address of the Tenant;
Reasons for not renewing Lease
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