> What you need to know about Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB)

> What you need to know about Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB)

A CRB is a company licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya to collect and provide consumer credit information on individuals or businesses. They are established under the Credit Reference Bureau Regulations, 2013.

What is credit information?

This is any positive or negative information on an individual’s or businesses’ credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics or any financial obligations.

Negative Information includes:

  1. Dishonored Cheques (other than for administrative reasons);
  2. Accounts compulsorily closed (other than for administrative reasons);
  3. Proven cases of fraud and forgeries;
  4. False declarations and statements;
  5. Credit defaults or late payments on all types of facilities;
  6. Receivership, bankruptcies, liquidations, etc.

Where do CRB’S get credit information?

Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Businesses and any other credit providers.

Licensed CRB’s in Kenya

  1. Transunion Africa
  2. Metropol Credit reference Bureau Limited
  3. Creditinfo Credit Reference Bureau Limited

Services provided by CRB’s

CRB‘s provide different services for both individuals and businesses.


  • Credit reports
  • Clearance certificate
  • Listing status


  • Credit and risk reporting
  • Consumer profiling
  • Debt collection and monitoring
  • Business information reporting

How to credit information from a CRB

Any individual/business that wishes to get credit information may make an application to any Licensed CRB such as; Credit Union, Transunion Africa and Metropol through their respective websites.

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