> How to apply for NSSF

> How to apply for NSSF

What is NSSF?

Article 43 (1) (e) of the Constitution of Kenya provides that every person has a right to social security. Hence, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was established under the Section 3 of the National Social Security Fund. The main aim was to provide basic financial security benefits to Kenyans upon retirement.

How to apply for NSSF

1.   Offline application

a)   First visit any NSSF office branch in your locality or any Huduma centre.

b)   Approach the NSSF officer and fill in the application form.

c)    Attach all your documents.

d)   Pick your NSSF card.

Required Documentation

a)   Application form.

b)   Original National Identity Card or valid passport and a copy.

c)    Your employer’s appointment letter. (Does not apply for self-employed persons)

d)   Employer’s NSSF number.

e)   A valid copy of your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin.


2.   Online application

a)   Visit the NSSF official web page- https://selfservice.nssf.or.ke/

b)   Click on the NSSF Member’s self-service section.

c)    Choose accordingly; depending on your employment status.

d)   Fill in the form.

e)   Print the registration information.

f)     Visit an NSSF Branch Office with your documents.

Required Documentation

a)   Kenyan National Identity Card or valid passport.

b)   Your employer’s appointment letter. (Does not apply for self-employed persons)

c)    Employer’s NSSF number.

d)   A valid copy of your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin.

Contribution to NSSF

a)   Employers and Employees

Section 19 of the Act provides that every Employer shall register as a contributing Employer and shall register their Employees as members.

The Employers are mandated to contribute 6% of the Employees monthly pensionable earnings while the Employee shall contribute 6%. Employers can however opt to contribute 12%.

b)   Self Employed

Self-employed individuals may register as voluntary members. A self-employed Individual shall contribute Kshs. 200 to register and Kshs. 4,800 annually.

Replacement of a lost NSSF card

Where you lose/misplace your NSSF card, visit your NSSF branch and apply for a replacement.

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