> What is a tax Compliance Certificate?

> What is a tax Compliance Certificate?

A Tax Compliance Certificate is a clearance issued by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to taxpayers who have paid their required taxes. The certificate confirms compliance for a period of five years preceding the date of issue. The Tax Compliance Certificate is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue to a taxpayer.

When would you need a tax compliance certificate?

  • When applying for a Government contract
  • When applying for a Government job
  • When applying for a work permit
  • When applying for a VISA


  1. Log into your itax account
  2. Select the Certificates category
  3. Select “apply for Tax Compliance Certificate”
  4. Fill in the reason for application (for example job application) and submit your application
  5. Download your Tax Compliance Certificate.

      Where you have not filed the required taxes, you will need to pay the pending taxes before issuance of a Compliance Certificate.

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