> How to Strike Off a Business Name/Company

> How to Strike Off a Business Name/Company

1 . Business Name


The Registrar of Companies may strike off a Business Name upon application.

Process to strike off a business name

  • Log into your e-Citizen portal.
  • Select Business Registration Service- click on “Notice of Cessation of Business name”.
  • Download the form, fill it in and sign, then scan and upload.
  • Submit a copy of the certificate of registration.
  • Pay the required fees- Ksh. 800.
  • Upon approval, the business is struck off from the registry of Business Names.

2 . Company


    Section 897(1) of the Companies Act, provides that the Registrar may strike the name of a company off the registry.

    Section 900 of the Companies Act mandates the Directors who make the application to inform a certain persons, within 7 days of making the application. These include:

    • Shareholders of the company;
    • Creditors, suppliers, former Employees owed money, Landlords, Tenants;
    • Employees; and
    • Directors who did not sign the form CR18.

    Process for striking off a company

    • Log in to the office of the Attorney General website using your e-Citizen log in details.
    • Select “make application.”
    • Click on the (+) button next to Company registration then select Strike off company.
    • Download and fill in the “Application by Company to have its name struck off the Register” form CR18.
    • Download and fill in the “Notice of the Special resolution” form CR19.
    • Sign and upload the documents.
    • Upload the Certificate of Incorporation.
    • Pay the required fees- Kshs. 4000.
    • Following approval by the Registrar of Companies, a notice for dissolution is published in the Kenya Gazette for a period of three (3) months to invite any person to show cause why the name of the company should not be struck off.
    • If there are no objections, the Registrar shall proceed to strike off the Company.
    • As soon as the Company is struck off, the Registrar shall publish another notice in the Gazette, notifying the public that the Company has been struck off the Registry.


    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
    • The Company must settle all liabilities prior to application for dissolution.
    • Application by Company to have its name struck off the Register – form CR18 (download from business registration website).
    • Notice of the Special resolution – form CR19 (download from business registration website).
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