> How to Generate Stamp Duty Slip

> How to Generate Stamp Duty Slip

How to generate Stamp Duty Slip

Section 6(1) of the Stamp Duty Act provides that every document/instrument e.g agreements, leases and licenses, Powers of Attorney, transfers, etc. unless written on duly stamped material must be stamped with duty before expiration of 30 days after it is first executed.  In case of a document executed outside Kenya, it must be stamped within 30 days of first being received in Kenya.

The stamp duty payable for each instrument is provided in the Schedule to the Act.

Process for generation of a Stamp Duty Slip

  1. Log on to the tax payer’s iTax portal – https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/
  2. Select “Payment Registration”
  3. Under Tax Head select “Agency Revenue”
  4. Under Tax Sub Head select “Stamp Duty”
  5. Under Payment Type select “Self-Assessment” then select payment registration
  6. Under Type of Instrument fill in type of instrument from the drop-down
  7. Under Tax Payer’s and other Party’s details (where applicable) fill in the appropriate details
  8. Under Bill Reference Number, fill in your transaction reference number (a maximum of 6 characters)
  9. Under Declared Amount fill in the assessed amount. Add Kshs. 20 for each copy of instrument.
  10. Under the tax rate fill in 100% (ensure the amount to be paid is the assessed value).

Alternatively, the tax rate can be the prescribed percentage of the amount to which duty is assessable. Ensure it adds up to the assessed amount.

  1. Submit the form and generate the payment slip
  2. Proceed to make the payments though M-PESA or bank.

Documents required

  1. Tax payer’s KRA PIN
  2. Tax payer’s iTax password
  3. Other party’s KRA PIN
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