Deed Poll by a married woman

Deed Poll by a married woman

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This Deed Poll is used when a married woman wishes to change their name and adopt their husband’s name or where a married woman wishes to change her name upon separation.

The primary document used to change names is the Deed Poll which is sworn by the Applicant. The Deed Poll is accompanied by a Statutory Declaration sworn by a witness who has personally known the applicant for an extended period of time (at least 2 years) and knows they intend to relinquish their former name in favour of a new name. The witness is required to attach a copy their Identity document i.e. identity card or passport.

All applicants are required to attach their Birth Certificate. Depending on the applicant various additional documents are required such as a marriage/divorce certificate. (We have stated the additional documents under the various Deed Polls.)

What to do after completing the Deed Poll

  1. Deed Poll and statutory declaration should be signed by the Applicant and Witness respectively.
  2. Present the Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration for commissioning by a Commissioner for Oaths.
  3. Where there is a Consent/certificate endorsed to the Deed Poll it should be witnessed by an Advocate.
  4. Present the Deed Poll to be stamped with stamped duty within 30 days (at the nearest Land Registry).
  5. Present the Documents to the Registrar of Documents (at Ardhi House) for registration and Pay the requisite Registration fees.
  6. The Registrar may instruct you to get your fingerprints taken for a search that you are not associated with any criminal activity. Fingerprints are taken at any District Office (DO’s office) then forwarded to the National Registration Bureau (located at NSSF Building in Nairobi).

The name change comes to effect after a Notice is published in the Kenya Gazette.

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